About Us

Our story begins, like so many others, at an underground circus warehouse party in Oakland. Trevor and I met amidst the glitter and dust, quickly striking up a connection over our shared interest in maker culture and the early days of steampunk. Oh, and being way into each other.

Over the years our lives drew closer into orbit around each other. While Trevor was honing his marketing and design chops, I was studying art and gaining a breadth of fabrication skills. We started dreaming about the future, wondering what a life that sustained us creatively and connected us to community would look like.

In May of 2013, we decided to pool our complementary strengths and fully embark down the deep, dark rabbit hole of high-end festival fashion with the conviction that yes, we as a community can do better, faster, stronger. Long rambling debates over manufacturing ethics and artistic vision started to turn into plans scribbled on cocktail napkins.

Those first two years taught us many things. We learned valuable lessons such as: “How little sleep can the human body survive on” and “What happens when your diet consists wholly of instant chow mein and whiskey.” These were challenging years, to be sure, but they were also filled with some of our grandest adventures: nights filled with flickering Kansas fireflies, Russian birthday cake in backroom dive bars, and incensed howler monkeys in sticky jungle clearings.

We draw our inspiration from the real people inhabiting the absurdist dreamscape that is our lives. We make holster bags for wasteland raiders, festival belts for midnight lovers, and sturdy hats for devilish bassists. These rich communities, our friends, you inspire and sustain us. We never could have done it without you.

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